wined3d: Add newer ATI/AMD cards vendor recognition

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Mon Feb 1 04:18:53 CST 2010

Am 31.01.2010 um 14:59 schrieb Luca Bennati:

> As seen in bug #21515, newer ATI cards used with radeon open driver return a GL_VENDOR string not present in wined3d_guess_vendor().
> This oneliner merely adds that so that the function return VENDOR_MESA instead of VENDOR_WINE that could make apps crash.
> <0001-wined3d-Add-newer-ATI-AMD-cards-vendor-recognition.txt>
I think VENDOR_ATI would be better here. VENDOR_MESA is later replaced with VENDOR_NVIDIA and a generic NVIDIA card is found. Besides this we should make sure that intel cards driven by the mesa driver are always reported as VENDOR_INTEL, and older ATI cards with the r200 and r300 driver are reported as VENDOR_ATI as well.

Obviously we'll also need a function to roughly match the Rxyz GPU IDs to card PCI IDs.

Can you post a backtrace of an app crashing due to VENDOR_WINE? Such an app would be pretty buggy, or we're not watching out properly in wined3d somewhere.

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