Several msxmlX modules

Nikolay Sivov bunglehead at
Tue Feb 2 10:19:58 CST 2010


Wine currently has only one module for MSXML parser - msxml3. Since the 
third one v4 and v6 are already out.
Judging from file size I don't think native modules reuse some code 
between them, instead it looks like a completely
independent builds.

What Wine's policy should be about that? Is that really necessary to 
have several modules to
look like native does (forwarding class creation to msxml3 of course)? 
The other way is a bit misleading -
having msxml3 that responds to v4 interface creation I mean (and lot of 
application depend on version fourth today).
After that I thought about renaming msxml3 to msxml but I'm not sure 
that won't break some apps.

I'd like to see some opinions on this.

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