libpng dependency issue

Luca Bennati lucak3 at
Tue Feb 2 13:46:43 CST 2010

First: should i open a bug for this?
The problem is from the new libpng 1.4.0: this evening i just updated this
lib, and now i get compile error in dlls/windowscodecs/pngformat.c
I'm still investigating the issue to find a solution, but the change that
introduced this is clear, directly from their README:
Removed deprecated functions png_read_init, png_write_init, png_info_init,
    png_permit_empty_plte, png_set_gray_1_2_4_to_8, and removed the
    deprecated macro PNG_MAX_UINT.

So, what should WINE do?
I see two actions that need to be performed:
1- check the libpng version in configure
2- adjust pngformat.c to work with the new lib.

For a short term solution, needed also in the long term one (in the
beginning), configure should give error if libpng isn't < 1.4.0
In the long term, while distros begin to ship libpng 1.4.0, the main
developers of windowscodecs should work out a code solution.
What is that i cannot say, since i don't really know the code, but i think
it won't be a few minutes of work...

This could apply also to libjpeg since it bumped to 8.0, but i didn't try
that part yet.
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