Today's git has unimplemented function msxml4 leading to stack dump when installing dragon naturallyspeaking

Nikolay Sivov bunglehead at
Wed Feb 3 15:22:45 CST 2010

On 2/4/2010 00:08, Susan Cragin wrote:
> wine-1.1.37-412-g9a92f9c
> With today's git got a debug, dump, etc., while installing dragon naturallyspeaking.
> have log
> wine: Call from 0x7b8364e2 to unimplemented function msxml4.dll.DllRegisterServer, aborting
> wine: Unimplemented function msxml4.dll.DllRegisterServer called at address 0x7b8364e2 (thread 0027), starting debugger...
Hi, Susan.

Try this patch
Looks like somethings try to use it directly, bypassing normal 
registration procedure,
but I'm not sure.

Btw, did you use msxml4 before that?

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