chromium in wine now works with gmail

Charles Davis cdavis at
Thu Feb 4 09:12:39 CST 2010

Dan Kegel wrote:
> This message is being sent in gmail in Chromium running on Wine
> with options --no-sandbox --use-nss-for-ssl.
> (--use-nss-for-ssl turns on a new alternate https stack that works
> in wine.)
> This copy of Chromium was built in Wine, too.  It took 1 hour
> 55 minutes to compile and link from scratch using Visual C++ 2005
> in Wine on a q9300.  (And that's compiling with /MP to use all
> cores; wthout /MP, it takes three and a half hours, IIRC.)
> See for easy
> instructions on how to do this.
> - Dan

I'll have to try this sometime.


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