idea: display drivers

Ben Klein shacklein at
Sat Feb 6 15:29:27 CST 2010

On 7 February 2010 01:45, James McKenzie <jjmckenzie51 at> wrote:
> C.W. Betts wrote:
>> An idea that popped into my head when I was thinking about a Quartz (OS X) driver that perhaps there could be separate drivers for Quartz (OS X) and X11.  Such drivers would include OpenGL and DirectX "Drivers".
> This has been shot down time and time again by Alexandre.  However,
> picking up the old Winequartz.dll code and looking at it has been a
> project that I am interested in.   The code is available from

Isn't there a LOT of code that's intertwined with winex11, or did that
get separated out?

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