Participate to GSoC

Warren Dumortier nwarrenfl at
Sun Feb 7 04:35:36 CST 2010

Hello everybody!

First i'll present myself.
So my name's Warren Dumortier and i live in Belgium, i've been using
Wine for 4 years and i've always been interrested on how it works
Also i'm quite active on AppDB for submitting apps. I actively program
in C on Linux since 3 years as Gfire (our program) developer.

As i actively program in C and would like to develop for WINE, i had a
look at the GSoC wiki page.
This year i could finally participate as i'm legally allowed now.

Are there any specific things to know in order to be accepted as a
GSoC student for WINE?
These are the two ideas i'd like to implement:

Theming - Implement Wine GTK/QT theming support
Vista Game Explorer API - Implement the core functionality of this dll

I don't know which one i would choose yet, but how are ideas assigned
to students, are there requirements needed for each idea?
Then i could for example get familiar with the idea before the GSoC starts...
When can i ask to be GSoC student?

Thanks in advance, kind regards.

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