Wine FIXME Report January 2010

Francois Gouget fgouget at
Mon Feb 8 17:01:39 CST 2010

I'm pretty sure if I read the code I would understand this report better 
but I was not curious enough and unfortunately that means I'm pretty 
confused now.

It seems the data is sliced three ways:

 * The Most Popular Messages
   - Based on the name it sounds like someone voted on them, but then 
     the definition says they 'are the most prevalent' which sounds like 
     they are just the most frequent ones.
   - So I look at the number of lines where they show up and the number 
     one shows up in just 119 lines, while some way down it seems there 
     are some that show up in hundreds of thousands of lines. So I'm 
   - It also does not help that the order of the Files and Lines column 
     is reversed compared to all the other sections.

 * Noisy Popular Messages / Functions
   - So here the definition says they 'show up at least in 1% of the 
     collected reports', so it sounds like it's the messages/functions 
     that impact the most reports. So it's most frequent per report 
   - They are still sorted by Line count though. Shouldn't they be 
     sorted some other way?
   - Is there a difference between a file and a report?

 * The Top Ten Single Charts
   - These really look like they are the most frequent by line count 
     (based on the line count). But I have some doubts.

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