winhlp32: Improve Tab view [try 3]

Nikolay Sivov bunglehead at
Tue Feb 9 09:41:08 CST 2010

Replying with wine-devel, cause my gmail account reported
failed delivery to Vladimir's mail address. You have a kind of forwarding
or I don't know what.

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> Subject: 	Re: winhlp32: Improve Tab view [try 3]
> Date: 	Tue, 09 Feb 2010 21:14:04 +0500
> From: 	Vladimir Pankratov <scriptkid at>
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> You wrote:
> >  On 2/8/2010 16:59, Vladimir Pankratov wrote:
> >>  Hello all.
> >>
> >>  changes since try 2:
> >>   removed files without IDD_INDEX dialog
> >>  +                WCHAR wszText[255];
> >>
> >  Isn't it possible to use some defined name here? MAX_PATH probably.

> AJ said: MAX_PATH doesn't make sense here, this is not a file name. What to do?

I was my guess only, about MAX_PATH, cause it's 260 and you used 255.

What to do? Something I replied on previous try. You should figure out
using native program how bigger

this string could be and just use this length. If I got it right it's a
kind of UI element you could easily access

in native program too. Just type and count, that's all. After that put a
constant and a comment that you verified it.

P.S. Just checked. And it supports 256 characters, so you need 257
buffer I suppose.

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