mountmgr removable media woes

louis at louis at
Wed Feb 10 13:11:03 CST 2010

Hi all,
  I'm troubleshooting some removable media mounting issues with WINE
1.1.7.  It seems that when using an auto-mounting program such as
gnome-volume-manager or thunar-volman that WINE's mountmgr misses a HAL
notification.  This happens when WINE is already running and  a new disk
is inserted.  I am mostly testing it with a flash reader, but I saw that
it happens with optical media too.

  What appears to be happening is this: HAL first sends out that a new
device is available with a null mount point.  The volume manager picks
that up, mounts the partition, and then tells HAL.  HAL then sends out a
property_modified message with the new mount point.  Mountmgr gets the
first notification, tries to register a watch in time, but is usually
too slow and misses the mount point changed notice.  I tried moving the
watch registration to the top of the new_device function (it is
currently at the bottom), which caused only certain apps to work such as
winefile, but not notepad (winefile did not seem to be doing anything
special other than responding to a new device with a slow redraw).

  Gnome-volume-manager and thunar-volman both watch all HAL devices from
the start.  I notice that doing this in mountmgr causes it to work.  Is
there a reason I should not do this?


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