Adding wikipedia links to appdb?

Joerg-Cyril.Hoehle at Joerg-Cyril.Hoehle at
Thu Feb 11 06:56:23 CST 2010


1. AFAIK, one can add (after submission, i.e. maintainers only) as many URL's as
   one wants. So one could well add one labeled "Wikipedia article"

2. I already have half a dozen of AppDB entries yet to write simply because
   it costs me a lot of time :-(

 - Research a possible URL for that 10 year old app
 - What name to use: publisher, distributor or developer
   (where do I find this), what URL?
   E.g. Is Ubi Soft a distributor or a publisher or a reseller?
       Is it appropriate at all?
 - Scanning for duplicates
   - Are English and German releases different versions or different entries?
   - What's the original/English title (e.g. for what's known as
     "Backpacker" in Germany but seems to come from Sweden)?
 - Mindboggingly buggy JavaScript editor (adding white space here and there
   as well as spurious - signs at the end of texts), requiring at least
   6 preview iterations.
 - Are my installation receipies & caveats reproducible?
 - Try to test and play long enough (esp. adventure games) to be able to submit
   thrustworthy results, before the version of wine used for installation
   fades out of AppDB and I'm refused the addition of the version I tested.

I don't want to feel obliged to supply even more data.

Currently, I'm really p.o.'ed that I cannot submit test data for
older releases of Wine.  I've apps that used to work and currently
don't.  I very much prefer an old gold entry in AppDB, along with
bugzilla regressions rather than a single garbage entry for the
current version, perhaps saying "this used to work in wine-1.1.18".
But I digress.

 Jörg Höhle

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