[PATCH 1/7] msctf: Add langbarmgr.c

Jacek Caban jacek at codeweavers.com
Thu Feb 11 11:39:57 CST 2010

Hi Justin,

It's good that you're splitting patches, but you did it wrong. No patch may 
depend on another patch that is later in series. After applying each patch 
the tree must be in good state. That said, Wine won't compile after patch 
#1 until patch #6 is applied and patch #2 there will cause compile warning 
until patch #7 is applied. Also it's not good to add code that is dead, 
such as your patch #1 until patch #3 is applied and part of patch #3 
without patch #4 (although such patches are sometimes accepted). I'd 
suggest sending in order:
- patch #6 (note that the interface is called ITfLangBarMgr)
- patch #5
- patch #4 (with better changelog)
- joined patches 1,2,3,7

Also langbarmgr.c seems to be better place for TF_CreateLangBarMgrJacek 


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