Student Interested in Contributing to Wine

Michael Griepentrog mgriepentrog at
Fri Feb 12 03:54:08 CST 2010


I'm interested in contributing to Wine, and I'm posting here for guidance on how to get started. I'll start off with a bit about myself: I'm currently a senior majoring in Computer Science at the University of Wisconsin - Madison and will be graduating in May. Most of my upper-level coursework has pertained to operating systems and networking, but I also have experience with OpenGL and Cocoa/Objective-C. I haven't really contributed to any other projects, so this is both new and foreign to me.

I'm primarily interested in improving the Wine experience on OS X. I read pages from, but I'm not sure how much of that reflects the current direction of Wine development on Mac. What are the immediate needs for improving Wine on OS X? Off hand, I know Wine doesn't compile on Snow Leopard as a 64-bit binary (, but it seems like this issue isn't limited to OS X. I'm also curious about the status of the Quartz driver, and if it's something that is still being pursued. Creating a binary distributable also seems like something that should be addressed, but I understand that isn't necessarily easy given how applications are "installed" on OS X.

So whatever the current direction is for the OS X port, I would like to get involved in making it better. I look forward to hearing what suggestions you have for me.

Michael Griepentrog

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