Intercepting GDI calls

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at
Sun Feb 14 08:05:26 CST 2010

Charles Davis wrote:
> Jui-Hao Chiang wrote:
>> Hi, all:
>> I am currently starting a project which tries to run a window
>> application on one (source) machine, and display on another
>> (destination) machine. Of course, the VNC or X11 forwarding technique
>> can achieve the same goal, but I am trying to reduce the bandwidth by
>> "not" transferring the video frame buffer but transfer the GDI
>> function calls instead.
> Uhhh... That's kinda how X11 works. I mean, sending drawing and
> windowing calls as opposed to transferring the entire FB.
> What do you hope to accomplish with this? Given what I just told you,
> why won't X11 suffice?
X11 on a Mac is cumbersome.  X11 on Windows is a real pain (I know I
work with it on a daily basis) and is downright butt ugly.  Opening a
new window in Wine or Windows is more desirable.  Maybe this can be
expanded to support Aqua/Cocoa on MacOSX.

I'll agree that this is duplication of the existing X11 code, but the
effect is more pleasant to the eye and leads to less user confusion, not
to speak of a less expensive solution (I have yet to find a 'free' X11
client that is worth anything on Windows.)

One final comment:  X11 is the defacto windowing system for Linux/Unix,
but let's not forget that the target audience may be any desktop system,
Linux/UNIX, MacOSX, Free/OpenBSD, Solaris, and Windows.  Thus the built
solution should support all of these as close to the Native interface as

James McKenzie

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