Current status of XI2 mouse stuff now that Lucid Lynx includes XI2?

Roderick Colenbrander thunderbird2k at
Mon Feb 15 03:51:52 CST 2010

On Mon, Feb 15, 2010 at 2:13 AM, Dan Kegel <dank at> wrote:
> On Sun, Feb 14, 2010 at 4:46 PM, Ben Klein <shacklein at> wrote:
>> On 15 February 2010 11:13, Dan Kegel <dank at> wrote:
>>> I recall that Paul Hampson did a first cut at using XI2,
>>> linked to from the bottom of,
>>> and says "the new XInput2 X11 extension
>>> (which is part of XOrg 7.5) provides relative mouse motion events.
>>> Once this extension is more common, we will be able to fix Wine properly."
>>> Well, here it is, and XI2 is said to be included in Ubuntu Lucid Lynx Alpha 2;
>>> so it's about to get a lot more common.
>> For us non-Ubuntu users, what xorg stable version has XI2?
> - Dan

Somewhere within the past 3 months I had a discussion with Paul and
some others on #winehackers about the xinput2 work. Paul said his work
was basically a proof of concept and that the real work is much more
involved. It requires an explorer process which feeds wineserver with
events, see


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