[PATCH 4/4] msctf: Implement stubbed out TF_CreateLangBarMgr [Try 2]

Aric Stewart aric at codeweavers.com
Mon Feb 15 08:34:04 CST 2010


  I am really happy that you are helping with the msctf stuff I started. 
Very cool!

   2 quick things.

1) typedef struct tagACLMulti,   don't call it tagACLMulti.  I am sure 
this is from copying from threadmgr.c where it is a copy/paste thing 
from when I started that framework.  It has always bugged me (though not 
enough to submit a patch just to change it), but it would be nice not to 
see it propagated even more.

2)  you add pITfLangBarMgr to the ActivatedTextService, but dont do 
anything with it.  Does the Activated TextService need to have a 
reference to the ITfLangBarMgr? My quick read though does not seem to 
reveal that. When should it get set and initialized and where would it 
be used?


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