Status of Patchwatcher

Seth Shelnutt shelnutt2 at
Mon Feb 15 15:30:36 CST 2010

Hey guys,

I am wondering what that status of patchwatcher is? I haven't seen anything
on it since August where Scott Richie said he and Luke were working on
reviving it. I see the code is still on Dan's google page.

I am looking to do a GSoC project on appinstall and patchwatcher. I saw the
ideals for converting UnitTestSuit and wpkg scripts to Appinstall. I
definitely think this is a good idea and needed; however I was thinking that
linking patchwatcher and appinstall testing would be even more beneficial.
That is assuming patchwatcher is still alive. Before I make any formal
announcement of my intent I'm just trying to see how things stand now.


Seth Shelnutt
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