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On 2/17/2010 23:32, Seth Shelnutt wrote:
> 2010/2/16 André Hentschel <nerv at <mailto:nerv at>>
>     Just some ideas by me:
>     Dan Kegel schrieb:
>     > Seth Shelnutt wrote:
>     >> I am wondering what that status of patchwatcher is?
>     >
>     > It's waiting around for somebody to have time to start it
>     > up again.  It's ugly code, written in shell and perl, which
>     > scares most people off.  One has to wonder whether it
>     > shouldn't be done over again using buildbot, just to avoid
>     > scaring people.  But it could live on in its present form
>     > given time and attention.  Another problem is that the
>     > code for watching for patch series is fragile.  We might
>     > conceivably move to driving it from a web submission form
>     > like WineTestBot uses, that would solve that.
>     maybe we can merge patchwatcher with
> or let it just parse it and let
>     patchwatcher run on an extra winetestbot machine??
> Well in that case then, perhaps an entire GSoC project could be 
> devoted to patchwatcher and getting it running again? I would be 
> interested in doing such a thing. I will download the code from your 
> google site (I assume that is the latest code?), and start having some 
> fun with it to get myself acquainted.
Personally I don't think patchwatcher deserves this. I mean if Wine has 
a student limit there's a lot of unimplemented things and bugs that are 
more important. It's nice to have such service, but it's not critical 
with daily updated test runs that already work.
Possible GSoC project that is really needed and is very important is 
extending Wine builtin test suite. It could focus on selected components 
or components and bugzilla reports with 'testcase' keyword, there's a 
lot of option. Also it's useful to improve existing tests, and I mean 
structure too. A lot of tests for msxml for example (I'm currently 
working on) should be table driven, and are hard to read in some cases now.
First thing to be done outside working code itself is improving tests, 
imho of course.

> Thanks,
> Seth Shelnutt

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