[Try 2] [3/3] riched20:EM_FORMATRANGE Implementation Patch

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Sun Feb 21 08:33:58 CST 2010

Dylan Smith wrote:
> You accidentally sent the email for try 2 of this patch to wine-devel
> instead of wine-patches.
> In function ME_FormatContent in file paint.c you calculate the value
>> +  numCharPrintable = c.nAvailWidth / (1440/c.dpiTarget.cy);
> then use it later to set iEndOffset, the return value, when the
> remainder of the text doesn't fit the page.
>> +  if (iEndOffset == -1)
>> +  {
>> +    iEndOffset = numCharPrintable + 1;
>> +    targetBottom = c.pt.y - cyOffset;
>> +  }
> The problem is that numCharPrintable is the width of the page in twips
> but the return value is supposed to be "the index of the last
> character that fits in the region, plus 1."  So the return value isn't
> some value in twips, it should be a character index reflecting the
> page boundary.
This is how I calculated the value to be the same as that returned by
EM_FORMATRANGE when run in Windows(whatever).  If you have a better
method, that would be great. 

The first returned value for the first test is 3 in Windows and 3 in
Wine.  The second return values do not match, as this is 8 in Windows
but remains 3 in Wine.  I feel this is because we do not retain the
truncated string anywhere in the context nor in editor.  This will
require another 'fix' and that is why I was looking for how to truncate
right a UNICODE string as this will affect multi-byte character sets
more than single-byte character sets.

> As I have mentioned to you before in an offlist email, this will cause
> problems with applications which try to print all the pages in a loop
> with cpMax=-1 to specify to print to the end of the text, and cpMin
> for following calls set to the return value of preview calls to send
> EM_FORMATRANGE messages.  The return value will cause an endless loop
> for long enough text with more characters than the width of the page
> in twips.

Hmm.  This is not something that I have tested, nor is there a test in
riched20 for this.  Do you think this should have a test case?

> It happens to not break the tests, but that doesn't mean it is
> correct. On my machine the tests don't even execute that condition.
Interesting.  Maybe it is time to go get a distro that still ships on
CDs.  My Thinkpad cannot read DVD media.

> I believe on your machine your machine the condition is taken in the
> tests, likely because fonts on your machine must be different than on
> mine.  The underlying problem with the correct approach though is that
> a special case for wrapping which isn't handled properly in wine, so
> this underlying problem causes the test failure which you are trying
> to fix the wrong way.
What is the Symbol font that is setup on your machine?  I don't know
what it is on a Mac, but suspect it is of the Helvetica series.  I
remember it being a member of the Arial series which is smaller on the

Also, this code should fire on your system, it is the default when the
text line is longer than the print area and no delimiting text is
provided.  That is the reason the first two test cases exist.


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