Another aspiring GSoC applicant..

David Hedberg david.hedberg at
Sun Feb 21 12:50:25 CST 2010

Hi everyone!

Maybe it's a bit early, but I thought I would announce my interest in
participating as a student in this years GSoC. I'm currently busy
studying for my degree in Computer Engineering here in Sweden, and I
have realized that it would be really nice if I were able to spend a
few months doing something useful for one of the in my opinion most
interesting open source projects out there.. ;-)

I'm not completely new to wine as I have been following the wine-devel
mailing list for a few years now and have also managed to get past the
Julliard Test with a handful of patches during this period, but I feel
that I could certainly do more. GSoC would, obviously, be a great
chance to both get a deeper understanding of the internals of wine and
to learn more about the Win32 API among other things.

I've been looking a bit at the suggestions for suitable projects on
the wiki, and at the moment I'm glancing a bit in particular at
implementing support for performance registry keys. I have taken a
somewhat cursory look around on msdn and dug around a bit in the code
to try to get some feel for what it would entail, but I thought I'd
hear if maybe someone has been working on this lately, or if there's
anything else in particular that should be taken into consideration
(except what's already noted in bug 5322).

I've also looked a bit at implementing support for IFileDialog, and
the Explorer, but I have yet to dig too deep into either of them. Are
there currently any known applications out there that uses IFileDialog
explicitly? I've looked a bit, probably not enough, but I haven't been
able to find anything except example code. Also, are there any
applications that fail to run because explorer is missing
functionality, or would the end-result of that suggested project
function mainly as an end-user utility?


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