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Tue Feb 23 02:15:45 CST 2010

David Hedberg pisze:
> I've also looked a bit at implementing support for IFileDialog, and
> the Explorer, but I have yet to dig too deep into either of them. Are
> there currently any known applications out there that uses IFileDialog
> explicitly? I've looked a bit, probably not enough, but I haven't been
> able to find anything except example code. Also, are there any
> applications that fail to run because explorer is missing
> functionality, or would the end-result of that suggested project
> function mainly as an end-user utility?
  In older version of Gnome, Gnome was not using the
standard trash directory, what caused files deleted under Wine not to
show up in Gnome Trash. As we have in Wine a Trash virtual folder, I was
thinking about fixing it by implementing a IShellBrowser (single
explorer window) to show it to the users. However, as this is fixed in
newer Gnomes, this is probably not that useful anymore.
  Still, if anyone is interested, I attach the skeleton code I have
written (written under Windows XP x64, to be ported to Wine once
finished possibly fixing some bugs) that does some logging and may be
useful as a starting point. Apart from the 'shellbrowser' folder, I also
put the 'shellfolder' one that I've used when implementing the recycle
bin folder that  may be useful if one needs logs from "the other side"
(i.e. from a custom folder inside the true Explorer).


> Thanks,
> David

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