Using assert() in wine dll code

Paul Chitescu paulc at
Wed Feb 24 07:34:53 CST 2010


Recently I've run into excessive use of assertions in some code after a 
regression was caused by one of my commits. A parameter that came from the 
application was "validated" this way.

The code in question is in quartz.dll but there are asserts in many other 
places, a short grep in the dlls directory found 1387 of them...

I suggest we carefully evaluate asserts from wine dll code. Only locally 
computed conditions should trigger an assertion failure (in case we have 
coding errors). Parameters received from function calls should either return 
an error (and possibly a WARN or ERR message) or segfault if Windows does the 
same (so a handler would potentially catch the proper exception).

Would this qualify as a task or tasklet?

Paul Chitescu

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