[PATCH 1/3] kernel32/tests: Add test for 'all processors' flag on Vista and newer.

Joerg-Cyril.Hoehle at t-systems.com Joerg-Cyril.Hoehle at t-systems.com
Thu Feb 25 06:38:00 CST 2010

Charles Davis wrote:

>I have noticed a change in configure behavior, though.
Me too.  On MacOS.
Since 1.1.39, Makefiles are created at the rate of ~ 1 per sec.
It was much faster in 1.1.38 and before, I estimate ~6 files per second.

Anyone to confirm this?

>I always do git fetch; git rebase origin
I never groked "origin" in git. I use N+1 trees: one only contains
git, no checkout ever and I "git fetch" from winehq there.  The N
others come from
 git clone --local --shared -n /.../wine.git wine-bisect
of this distinguished and read only git tree.  That's where I compile,
write patches, bisect, keep old versions etc. "git fetch" therein
access only the local mirror. I can git-gc, git-fsck, git-rebase,
"rm -rf" the N trees at will.

After git-fetch, I use
git-update-ref refs/heads/master remotes/origin/master
Perhaps that's the equivalent of your "git rebase origin"?

Now nested git rebase and bisect conflicts can berserk my working trees
beyond recognition, I get out with "rm -rf" and still have the pristine
200MB source tree and don't need to download it again.

du "source tree"/.git ~200MB
du "cloned bisect tree"/.git ~5MB
du wine compiled tree ~400MB (incl. 5MB .git)
du wine install tree ~100MB

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