Preferred way of dll registration

Jacek Caban jacek at
Thu Feb 25 07:19:00 CST 2010

Hi Paul,

On 2/25/10 11:43 AM, Paul Vriens wrote:
> Hi Jacek,
> On 02/24/2010 09:30 PM, Jacek Caban wrote:
>> Hi Paul,
>> On 2/24/10 8:59 PM, Paul Vriens wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> We seem to have 2 different approaches for dll registration:
>>> 1) a regsvr.c file with all the necessary functions and registry
>>> information.
>>> 2) an inf file and some code to register/unregister the dll.
>> 3) IRegistrar from atl.dll
> I see you already sent some atl patches ;)

I just took a look how its implementation looks these days and saw some 
obvious bugs. They won't matter for using IRegistrar in Wine 
registration code.

>>> The first one is the most common in our source but I can remember a
>>> comment from AJ about favoring the latter (or at least something like
>>> "maybe we should start using inf files for registration").
>>> Thoughts?
>> I think both 2) and 3) are way better than regsvr.c. It avoids code
>> duplication and you can add much more custom registries without a single
>> line of C (I'd call it more flexible, but it's more a better
>> flexibility/efforts factor). IRegistrar is much simplier than .inf
>> parser, so it has fewer builtin features. Most useful things may be
>> handled IRegistrar and very simple code in DllRegisterServer
>> implementation to pass some string replacements. Using it would also
> The registration in atl is currently with some 'hardcoded' values in 
> the C-files. Wouldn't it be beneficiary to move these strings to the 
> atl.rgs file? Than you wouldn't truly need a line of C code when 
> things need to be changed?

I prefer not to duplicate CLSIDs and have them hardcoded in one place. 
It may avoid some typos and make make .inf/.rgs files nicer, but I don't 
feel strong about.

> The above is not really an issue of course if we have autogenerated 
> code for the registration.



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