winetestbot busted?

Greg Geldorp ggeldorp at
Fri Jan 1 15:11:21 CST 2010

Hi Dan,

(adding wine-devel, this info might be interesting for
other people as well)

> Does the queuing system prioritize jobs at all?  e.g.
> do quick interactive jobs with low timeouts have
> to wait behind the massive three hour daily runs?

There is some prioritization, you can see the assigned
job priority on the main status page. The priority levels
I'm currently using (or plan to use):

1 (highest) - Daily run for base VMs
3 - Rebuild of Wine (cross) tests after Alexandre pushes out git updates
5 - User submitted jobs
7 - Daily run for extra and 64-bit VMs
9 - Jobs automatically generated from wine-patches submissions

So user jobs will be blocked during the daily run on base
VMs, that takes about 45 min. However, they will have higher
priority than the daily run for extra/64-bit VMs. It might
take some time for user-submitted jobs to actually start,
they might need a VM that's "dirty" and needs to be
reverted to a clean snapshot.


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