Patch feedback requested for OleCreatePropertyFrame()

Wolfram Sang wolfram at
Mon Jan 4 11:06:20 CST 2010

> task.  There doesn't appear to be anything in this code that would be
> patent encumbered, but the code itself certainly falls under
> Hidenori's copyright which he has effectively revoked permission to
> use.

Strictly speaking, this is not possible. Although IANAL, this code is 
LGPL, so he can't revoke permission for this version of the code. He can 
ask to not use it, and this wish can be granted. You still should be 
allowed to pick it up. Next question is then, if a modified version will 
be picked up (still respecting the author's wish)? Or how much 
modifications are needed? Geez, such things are never trivial :(



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