Wine FIXME Report 2009 Aug - Dec

Michael Stefaniuc mstefani at
Tue Jan 5 17:40:25 CST 2010

On 01/05/2010 03:44 AM, Jeremy White wrote:
>> The Top Ten Single Charts
>> -------------------------
>> This are the messages with the most occurrences in a single file.
> Nifty!
Well, I'm not that proud of that table: Interestingly seven out of the
top ten FIXMEs in a single file have been seen *only* in that one file.
While proper fixes that remove the FIXMEs are always good I'm not so
sure about just silencing those. Probably a better table would be

The Noisiest FIXMEs that show up at least in 1% of the collected reports:
   Lines | Files | Channel:Text
   2203  |  44   | d3d9:Direct3DShaderValidatorCreate9 stub
   2040  |  36   | ntdll:RtlNtStatusToDosErrorNoTeb no mapping for c0000109
   1492  |  34   | mshtml:nsChannel_GetSecurityInfo default action not 
   1450  |  30   | d3d:debug_d3dformat Unrecognized 909201952 (as 
fourcc:  R16) WINED3DFORMAT!
   1449  |  30   | d3d:debug_d3dformat Unrecognized 909200449 (as 
fourcc: AL16) WINED3DFORMAT!
   1446  |  30   | d3d:getFormatDescEntry Can't find format 
unrecognized(909200449) in the format lookup table
   1446  |  30   | d3d:getFormatDescEntry Can't find format 
unrecognized(909201952) in the format lookup table
   1002  |  81   | wininet:InternetLockRequestFile STUB
    877  | 209   | shell:DllCanUnloadNow stub
    734  |  31   | msi:ACTION_CustomAction Rollback only action... 
rollbacks not supported yet

> How hard would it be to add some git-blame fu to that,
Hard. You'll need to generate a regexp from the the message text and git
grep with that. Of course a previous git grep on the debug channel will
help to reduce the search space.

> and then we'd know who to blame<evil grin>?
No, you don't. You know who last edited the respective line.
But even if you get the guy who added the FIXME/ERR you'd end up blaming
the wrong person. It isn't like people would add those FIXME/ERR in the
inner loops of a function. Most likely it is an other part that triggers
the FIXME/ERR; it might even be application code that does "stupid"

And winefixme is not about blame but about helping to figure out what
FIXME/ERR messages are common and thus worth fixing or at least to tame
a little the noisiest ones (we really could make good use of


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