The (Casual) Game Support Report in Wine (Jan 2009)

Reece Dunn msclrhd at
Wed Jan 6 02:27:01 CST 2010

2010/1/6 Christian Costa <titan.costa at>:
> Reece Dunn a écrit :
>>  1/  the games themselves tend to work very well (and have done for a
>> long while now thanks to the great work CodeWeavers did in getting
>> DirectDraw and Direct3D working);
> While you are at in, you can also thanks people that worked in this area in
> their spare time.

I didn't mean to slight the non-CodeWeavers contributers (like you) to
wine and DirectDraw/Direct3D -- everyone has done (and continues to
do) amazing work. So thank you all.

Everyone who has worked on wine in one form or other (be it in
implementing functionality, fixing bugs, fixing tests, triaging bugs,
testing applications and filing useful bug reports, translating,
working on the artwork, performing cleanups and simplifying the code,
addressing valgrind/coverity issues, ...) have helped to make wine
what it is today.

- Reece

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