[PATCH] shell32: handle bad menu handle (Coverity)

Nikolay Sivov bunglehead at gmail.com
Sun Jan 10 05:04:22 CST 2010

On 1/10/2010 13:35, Paul Vriens wrote:
> Are you sure? It reads to me as being available up to XP-SP2/W2K3 but 
> maybe removed or changed in newer versions. Anyway, we shouldn't ever 
> believe MSDN as even their remark about needed shell32 version 6 or 
> higher is not correct (see below) ;)
I misread it maybe:
This function is available through Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) and 
Windows Server 2003.
>>> Testbot had no complaints for any version it tests, see
>>> https://winetestbot.geldorp.nl/JobDetails.pl?Key=279,
>>> but i can change it.
>> Ok, still it doesn't have 9x VMs, it's better to try first. We could ask
>> Paul maybe.
> Succeeds on Win95.

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