user32: Do not allow a change of capture if the currently capture window is a menu unless explicitly specified (try2)

Peter Dons Tychsen donpedro at
Mon Jan 11 13:53:42 CST 2010

> Simply use wine_server_call instead of wine_server_call_err.

That is my point. That will not work. The existing the error codes
*should* be translated, but this new one should not. So if i use
wine_server_call i would have to filter which ones to translate

It would also give me the problem of which error code to emit from the
wine-server, as real windows does not set an error code at all in this
case (hence the problem). I think it would be a bit naughty emitting
errors from the server and them removing them with a filter later. Does
not seem clean.

But if you want me to do this, then what NT error code should the server
use? I imagine that no matter what unused error code i selected the
response would be "this error code i not meant for that purpose" (which
would probably be right as there is no error code for this purpose).

I still feel that an extra field in the response in the cleanest (the
way my patch did it).

Sorry for being so verbal, but i know that you are touchy about the
server :-)



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