GSoC D3DX9 work

Tony Wasserka tony.wasserka at
Fri Jan 15 13:06:48 CST 2010

Hi everyone,
I probably should've written this mail a few months earlier, but I had
hoped that I'd get some spare time to work on Wine stuff. But to face
reality, I'm having A-levels-like graduation (abitur in Germany) in the
comming months. I have to prepare a skilled work until the end of
january, put a great bunch of learning for the basic course exams and
another one for the abitur exams themselves. The past months weren't any
relaxing either. It's not that I was overstrained with school and about
to get a burn-out or something, but I just lack the time and/or often
motivation to work on the d3dx9 dll.
This mail is basically for searching for someone to integrate the
texture, mesh and font. The font code may be the easiest to integrate
(or at least to understand), the texture stuff is the most profitable
(as most games which use d3dx require its texture loading functions)
and.. the mesh code is at least useful for the DX SDK samples (although
these have yet other problems in Wine ranging from incomplete dx10
support over certain unicode functions to the incompatible msvc++ runtime).
I know this may sound like "here, I hacked together some code, now
anyone do the dirty work and integrate it, write tests, etc...", but
especially concerning the visual tests, I think I'd spend my time better
on other stuff than writing visual tests for stuff of which I'm pretty
certain about that it works fine (ofc I see a point in tests though, but
visual tests are a double-edged sword in that regard).
I do have numerous tests for the non-visual part, and some functions
don't even need visual tests. Especially the texture code consists
basically of a) the file loading routines b) pixel format conversion c)
filtering, where a, b and c are needed by only one function and d)
functions which call that one function with some fancy magic behing
(e.g. compability checks, auto-mipmap generation, combining file loading
and conversion, etc). So if the one function (D3DXLoadSurfaceFromMemory)
is implemented, things will get a lot easier (it actually is already
partially implemented by me).

So - if anyone is interested in working with my code (CC'd this to David
- maybe you are? If not, never mind), I'd be willing to help that one
with understanding the code and to explain what still needs to be done,
and how I think things should be done (I still have a meanwhile quite
compact list of TODOs).

The code can be accessed at (in the
"Merge" branch, sorry for ****ing up branching there, was my first
public repo) and at
(a more compact and organized one). Note that I'm not sure whether the
code there is up-to-date, I might still have some patches on my hard
disk which improve things. But the code there gives a pretty good
insight in what's all this about, in case really anyone steps up I'll
provide him with the most up-to-date work of mine.

If there's anything anyone might want to ask, just answer this mail or
contact me directly on irc at #winehackers, my nick is BigBrain and I'm
around quite often.

Best regards, Tony Wasserka

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