kernel32/tests: do not compare handle with zero directly (Smatch)

Dan Carpenter error27 at
Tue Jan 19 05:32:55 CST 2010

Sorry, I'm not on the list.

-    ok( file != 0, "CreateFileMapping PAGE_READWRITE error %u\n", GetLastError() );
+    ok( !!file, "CreateFileMapping PAGE_READWRITE error %u\n", GetLastError() );
Smatch sees those as equivelent.  (The new version does at least

There is a script in smatch_scripts so you can quickly test 
individual files.  I just pushed a change to make find the
smatch binary so you may want to pull the most recent changes.

/path/to/smatch_scripts/ dlls/kernel32/tests/virtual.c

Michael said it could be either real bug or a false positive.  I sort of decided
it was a false positive and pushed a change to fix that.  Now if "file" gets
1) reassigned
2) incremented/decremented
3) passed to a function like this:  fuction(&file);
it stops being called a filehandle.  (Unless it gets reassigned another file 
handle obviously).

Hope that is Ok.

The check only prints a warning if something is _definitely_ a file handle and
it gets compared to zero.  I could easily change it to print a message if 
something is _possibly_ a file handle and gets compared against zero.  Like this:
if (x)
	file = CreateFile();
	file = some_func();
if (file)  // <- complain

I know smatch has been abandonware for a long time, but I hope to do better

dan carpenter

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