valgrind run called on account of rain

Ben Klein shacklein at
Wed Jan 20 02:08:41 CST 2010

2010/1/20 Evil Jay <wine at>:
> Dan Kegel wrote:
>> Today's scheduled match between Valgrind and Wine
>> was called on account of rain.   The roofers think
>> they found where the water was coming in, and
>> the rainstorm can't last forever; I'm hoping to
>> turn the Valgrind build machine on again later this week.
>> Once it dries out :-)
> LoL!  I had that happen to me one time - water pipe burst in the ceiling
> above my Amiga 1000.  You wouldn't think a 170lb kid could move a table
> with 300lbs of computer equipment on it, but I did it in 4 seconds flat.

Adrenaline is a wonderful thing.

> Now, I'm older and would take the insurance money.  :p

For an Amiga 1000? Sure! Just get a new one with the insurance money.

For a modern computer with mutiple terabyte harddrives? I'd move the table.

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