[PATCH 4/5] wined3d: Don't use the depth range clipping hack when we have ARB_depth_clamp.

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at gmx.at
Wed Jan 20 03:03:58 CST 2010

Am 20.01.2010 um 09:17 schrieb Chris Robinson:
> From what I understand, the idea of the patch (map z to 0..-1 with depth-
> clamp) is correct.
Fwiw, I attached my minZ and maxZ patches here. They are patches 6 and 7, the other 5 patches are some patches close to hack quality(esp 0002) to shut up some d3d9 test failures on geforce 8 cards. The minZ/maxZ tests should be split up in two parts: One non-rendering test that tests the output value of SetViewport by calling GetViewport, and one rendering test that does the actual test for different(non-equal) Z values.

Wrt clipping, what I tried was setting D3DRS_CLIPPING to TRUE and FALSE in various places of the z_range_test, but I did not see any effect. z_range_test also tests rhw vertices, so if using rhw disabled the near and far clipping planes it would show up there. I guess the next step would be to port the z_range_test to the d3d8 and ddraw testsuite and see if the behavior differs.

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