oleaut32: do not crash in logging if string is NULL

Aric Stewart aric at codeweavers.com
Wed Jan 20 09:46:07 CST 2010

Aric Stewart wrote:
> Meaning the place where I am finding this is different bug?
> In deserialize_param in the VT_BSTR case if the byte_length of the BSTR 
> that we are deserializing is -1  then BSTR_UserUnmarshal places NULL 
> into *arg.
> I will admit I know very little about this code but having it crash when 
> trying to log seemed very wrong.
> Should I change the
> if (debugout) TRACE_(olerelay)("%s",relaystr(*(BSTR *)arg));
> to a simple debugstr_w or is this revealing a deeper problem somewhere?
> thanks,
> -aric

By the way I am seeing this when looking at Print Preview in IE7.


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