user32: Do not allow a change of capture if the currently capture window is a menu unless explicitly specified (try3)

Paul Vriens at
Wed Jan 20 10:44:47 CST 2010

On 01/20/2010 02:39 AM, Peter Dons Tychsen wrote:
> Hey Paul,
> Thanks for cleaning up the crashing 9x test-case so fast.

Well it still crashes but at least it runs now on Win95.

>> This patch has introduced test failures on NT4 and below (tested locally):
> Sorry for that.
>> The callback is entered several times on NT4 (only once on XP) so it
>> seems. The test crashes on Win98 btw.
> Even more sorry :-). I would seem that the test-case would do good with
> a re-entry protection. Do you know where it crashes?

Not exactly. Extra logging is difficult as the output seems not 
sequential. I assume though that it happened when either touching hWnd 
after it's destroyed or the destruction for the second time.

So "re-entry" could solve the crash but that still leaves us with loads 
of errors presumably (looking at NT4).

>> You can use the winetestbot ( to check
>> the failures on NT4. I can assist with Win9x testing if needed.
> I will check it out. Nice server!
>> I'm busy setting up a local winetestbot that includes Win95, Win98 and
>> WinMe.

Well, Ge has very recently added Win95 and Win98 to the mentioned 



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