gdi32: Add OEM charset for processing in TranslateCharsetInfo

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Thu Jan 21 03:11:00 CST 2010

Ilya Shpigor <shpigor at> wrote:

> Some details about this patch:
> The getting charset through the GetTextCharset works with mistakes for OEM 
> charset. The problem exist in SelectObject where the gdi font is created from 
> the logical font. Wine try to get information about the charset in this gdi 
> font creation through TranslateCharsetInfo, but don't able to do it.  This 
> function works with predefined array of supported charsets and code pages. 
> OEM charset is absent in this array.
> Full list of this array in MSDN:
> This patch add the necessary items to this array.

Then you need to add an extensive set of tests for TranslateCharsetInfo()
to confirm that it's the source of the problem. Somehow I doubt that
this is a correct place for the fix.


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