"Mockba to Berlin" game - mouse not clicking

Pavel Troller patrol at sinus.cz
Thu Jan 21 12:14:24 CST 2010

  My son bought a game DVD bound to a youngster's magazine. It contains
a 5 years old game by Monte Cristo Multimedia, called "Mockba to Berlin".
  We were trying this game with wine 1.1.36. The game PERFECTLY installs and
then PERFECTLY launches, going through all the initial screens and videos.
It then renders a primary menu on the screen, allowing to start a new game,
load a save, perform some settings, etc. The mouse cursor is fully functional,
the hovered item gets brightened and an explanatory text appears, which
tells, what the particular item is for. BUT: The mouse buttons are DEAD. All.
I cannot left-click, right-click, mid-click, simply nothing. It' very
frustrating, it looks that just ONE CLICK remains to start the game, but
you can't do it!
  There is no console output related to the problem, just some warnings from
the GL renederer, which seem harmless.
  There is no AppDB entry for this game (we didn't found any), so we cannot
follow any hints, how to solve the problem.
  The game was tested on 3 different machines but with the same wine
installation. The results were identical.
  Are there any general tips, what we can try to solve the problem ?

With regards, Pavel

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