comctl32 listview notification assert

Aric Stewart aric at
Fri Jan 22 08:00:40 CST 2010


   I am seeing something in listview.c that really make me feel like 
there is something really wrong going on. So maybe it is something I am 
having a lack of understanding in.

   I have an application that is sending 'A' style notification codes to 
the listview header. Specifically I am seeing an HDN_ITEMCHANGEDA. In 
the listview code the first thing HDN_ITEMCHANGEDA and HDN_ITEMCHANGEDW 
does is notify_forward_header.  notify_forward_header does not 
understand HDN_ITEMCHANGEDA and then asserts.

   It looks straight forward to add the A versions of the notifications 
to that case statement.  But often when something looks that straight 
forward there is something more underlying it.  Especailly since this 
looks like something we would be seeing a lot of if it was as much of an 
issue as it appears.

   does anyone have a deeper understanding of the listview code that 
would help me figure out what is going on.  Or maybe just tell me that I 
am over thinking it and it really is as easy of a fix as it looks.


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