winex11.drv: Added missing mouse position clipping. (try 2)

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at
Fri Jan 22 20:10:04 CST 2010

Lauri Kenttä wrote:
> My apologies for bringing up something that is actually none of my
> business, but I think you should pay more attention to the way you write
> your comments. First, even small positive comments are considered
> psychologically very important, but you have given none. Second, most of
> your negative feedback has only stated that the patches are bad and wrong,
> often without giving much details or any better ideas. That is, the
> comments haven't been very constructive. Currently your messages look a
> bit like "f*** off, noob", which hopefully is not what you had in mind.
> Anyway, this is certainly not a good way to encourage spending time to
> Wine development. Some (luckily not me) would take it badly and just rm
> -rf wine-git and never try again, even if they could be a great help with
> some guidance. So let's all be nice to each other, and everyone will be
> happier.

Programming can and is brutal.  I deal with this daily and I've learned
to keep a smile on my face, even when I'm being chastised.  Drives folks
'nuts'.  However, you have to learn the lesson, even if you win.  One
thing is that Windows does not trap the mouse and neither should Wine. 
If you are in a virtual desktop, the mouse should stop at the edge of
the window and move to where you re-enter it.  This is what you should
strive for.  If you cannot do this, then step back and take another try
at it.  I have been working on a fix for ONE function in Richedit for
over one and one-half year now and the complaints still come in. 
However, I take them as constructive hints and work towards fixing and
clearing them off.

Soon, the patch will be submitted and I will move onto other problems
that will rise because of the implementation of this code that are
outside the scope of the code.  That is the way it is in this business.

James McKenzie

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