errno-ntstatus conversion

Mike Kaplinskiy mike.kaplinskiy at
Sat Jan 23 18:18:12 CST 2010

There are many places where we need to do a conversion between the
unix errno and the windows ntstatus (and then sometimes to dos
errors). Here are some that I found:

Would it be a good idea to perhaps create an include file for both the
server and the dlls to convert unix error codes to status/winsock
error codes? The reason for 2 functions is winsock error codes do not
actually map to any status code, they seem to be there to make porting
Does this seem reasonable, or should we just keep duplicating the
conversion code everywhere? I have not checked whether there are
places that have different statuses for the same unix error, but
presumably we can pick a reasonable default and just have special
cases within the module.

This is coming from some conversion within the server. The server
should not return wsa-based error codes in its error events list, and
just use wsa conversion when sending window messages.


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