Paul Vriens at
Mon Jan 25 04:00:25 CST 2010

On 01/24/2010 09:23 PM,  гор Хакер wrote:
> ukrainian-credui

If you send a second (or higher) revision of a patch please mark it as 
such. For example "(Try x)" at the end. This makes it easier to discard 
older ones. This one supersedes the one that didn't have the pragma for 

A nicer subject would be appreciated as well. "ukrainian-credui" 
suggests it's a translation but why not say something like "Adding 
Ukrainian translations to credui" or "Fixed ...".

I'm not sure if our automated patch watcher 
( can cope with non-ascii characters 
in the "From:" field but your patches don't show up over there.

Have a look at Your email 
address for this mail is different from the generated one in the patch 
attached to that email and the names are again different from the 
copyright name in the file itself.



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