WINEDLLPATH and /usr/lib/wine

Michael Ost most at
Mon Jan 25 13:29:36 CST 2010


I am wanting to direct wine to launch a specific program by 
using WINEDLLPATH during the development of APP.exe.

Unfortunately (and undocumented-ely if you know what I mean) WINEDLLPATH 
is superseded by /usr/lib/wine. So if /usr/lib/wine/ exists, 
WINEDLLPATH will find that one instead of the one I am trying to target.

So, if these files exist:

Then this command...
... will start /usr/lib/wine/ and not /MY_DIR/

Is this on purpose? It doesn't seem right at first glance. I would 
assume that WINEDLLPATH would take precedence. Otherwise what purpose 
would it serve?

Thanks for tips or background,
Michael Ost
Muse Research, Inc.

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