WINEDLLPATH and /usr/lib/wine

Michael Ost most at
Mon Jan 25 15:43:37 CST 2010

Alexandre Julliard wrote:
> Michael Ost <most at> writes:
>> Is this on purpose? It doesn't seem right at first glance. I would
>> assume that WINEDLLPATH would take precedence. Otherwise what purpose
>> would it serve?
> It serves as an extra path where dlls can be found, but dlls from the
> current running installation are used first. This is to enable
> relocatable installs, and running from inside the build tree. Note that
> you can always specify the full exe path on the command line.

That doesn't work without a wine drive that includes --- we 
run without z:/.

I think it makes more sense to require, as Hin-Tak Leung's patch does, 
that a user put /usr/lib/wine in WINEDLLPATH if they use WINEDLLPATH. 
This is how LD_LIBRARY_PATH works for ld and PATH works in bash --- so 
it's expected behavior.

Also, from my reading of the code, you jump through some special hoops 
to deal with running from the build directory which could be more easily 
solved by putting WINEDLLPATH first.

Anyway, I'm guessing that I'm whistling in the wind here since so much 
is built on how WINEDLLPATH currently works...?

Thanks... mo

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