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Arjun Comar mandaya at
Wed Jan 27 01:54:44 CST 2010

Hey all,
I'm new here and interested in the Wine project for GSoC this year and
figured I'd start by introducing myself and hopefully getting to know who's
who on this list. I'm a Sophomore CS major at Rose-Hulman Institute of
Technology, a science and engineering school in Indiana. I've been writing
code since I taught myself how in 7th grade, and I've been using Linux since
around that same time. In high school, I volunteered large chunks of my time
to various open source projects: Ubuntu, Compiz, etc.. Now that I'm in
college, I regret not having quite as much time as I'd like to devote to the
Linux community as a whole, so I'm hoping to spend this summer giving
something back.

A quick explanation of what experience I have (relevant stuff only):
Linux, C, OpenGL

I've been scanning the wiki for GSoC from last year and noticed that most of
the projects didn't have any sort of a status associated with them. I
checked in the irc channel, and was told that most of the projects were
still open. Of those that don't have a status listed, I'm kinda interested
in the d3d9_xx DLLs problem. While I'm not too familiar with DirectX, I
figure if I start now I'll have plenty of time to get up to speed. Is this
still a problem that needs work? If so, is the mentor listed on the page
still accurate? I attempted to contact the listed mentor but wasn't

I'd also be interested in working on almost anything else, that project just
stuck out to me as something important that hadn't gotten done in a long
time. If you have any suggestions for useful projects, or how to go about
getting caught up to speed on what I need to know (Windows API, DirectX,
and/or the Wine codebase itself), I would appreciate that. It's slow going
trying to find all the information on my own, but I'm sure other people have
had the same problem before and have found good resources to solve it.

I'm very interested in working with all of you for the next few months and
hopefully through the summer and beyond. If anyone would like more
information, feel free to ask. I've never done this before, so I'm not too
sure what kind of information you guys are looking for in a GSoC candidate.
Any critique/commentary is appreciated.

TL;DR: I'm a student interested in GSoC, help me out!

Arjun Comar, Rose-Hulman '12
Computer Science
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