Student Interested in Google Summer of Code 2010

Tony Wasserka tony.wasserka at
Wed Jan 27 05:57:07 CST 2010

We've had two D3DX projects last year - one implementing shaders, the
other (which was mine) implementing meshes, fonts and texturing code.
Both have only partially been integrated, yet (as far as I know), but
most of the other stuff in d3dx9 is still untouched, you can take a look
at the msdn documentation to see the whole list of interfaces. I guess
the most profitable would be implementing the effect interfaces, since
these are the most used ones next to shaders and textures. I'm not sure
how much has been implemented in D3D10's effect area (they merged the
effect interfaces from d3dx into d3d10), but you should maybe clarify
with some d3d devs how much code can be shared here before.
Just my suggestion, there might be other interesting areas of d3dx and
Wine in general as well of course.

Best Regards,

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