Windows-version dependent callback?

Paul Vriens at
Wed Jan 27 09:54:07 CST 2010

On 01/27/2010 04:41 PM, Joerg-Cyril.Hoehle at wrote:
> Hi,
> my (unreleased) MIDI tests have spotted that not all versions of MS-Windows
> seem to send out the MM_MOM_POSITIONCB callback/notification resulting from
> a MEVT_F_CALLBACK event in midiStreamOut().  w9X/ME appears not to know about it.
> Machines since NT honour it (even though I've seen mixed results about w2k).
> More generally, I'm wondering whether Wine should behave similarly
> based on the version setting in winecfg?

As XP is our default version, I'd say stick with XP+ behavior. If apps 
depend on something else (due to running on a different Windows version 
as set in winecfg) we can always look into making it more version 
dependent. In general we should not be depending on the Windows version 
for our implementation, but you will find some places in the code where 
we are.



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