WINEDLLPATH and /usr/lib/wine

Michael Ost most at
Wed Jan 27 12:24:24 CST 2010

Alexandre Julliard wrote:
> Michael Ost <most at> writes:
>> I agree. And that's what your patch does, right? Would you like to
>> submit it to the wine-patches list? I think the case for it is strong,
>> especially since (1) you found that it fixes a behavior change in
>> WINEDLLPATH from November 2006 --- arguably a regression; and (2) it
>> works in the same way that LD_LIBRARY_PATH works, which is what Linux
>> programmers would expect.
> Actually the current way is precisely what LD_LIBRARY_PATH does for
> relocatable installs. The loader first looks in the rpath $ORIGIN path,
> then in LD_LIBRARY_PATH, then in system directories. Wine does exactly
> the same thing.

I did a quickie review of 'rpath'. It isn't standard, though, is it? I'm 
not using it with my LD_LIBRARY_PATH is searched first on my 

Anyway, is the next step that I (or Hin-Tak) submit a patch and you 
bless it or not?

- mo

PS: LD_LIBRARY_PATH behavior with my shows that LD_LIBRARY_PATH 
can jump in front of even /lib...

[most at Deceptor make]$ ldd wine-debug/ => /lib/ (0xb7b9b000)
[most at Deceptor make]$ ls /lib/
[most at Deceptor make]$ touch
[most at Deceptor make]$ LD_LIBRARY_PATH=`pwd` ldd 
/bin/bash: error while loading shared libraries: 
file too short

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