Student Interested in Google Summer of Code 2010

Arjun Comar mandaya at
Wed Jan 27 13:14:42 CST 2010

Thanks everybody for the replies.

>Welcome! I'm glad you've chosen Wine; we can sure use more help.
>Sounds like you know your way around, but please feel free to ask for help
>anytime.  The IRC channel works particularly well; real discussions will
>keep us from being annoyed by the trolls.
>Note that there are a few caustic folks; please don't let sharp comments
>from any of them discourage you.

>Overall, I like to think that we're the friendliest large open source
development community
>out there.  Of course, that is a bit like saying that we're the
>friendliest and nicest pit viper :-), but still...

Haha, yea, I know the game. Never had too much of a problem with those sorts
of people.

>I guess
>the most profitable would be implementing the effect interfaces, since
>these are the most used ones next to shaders and textures.

That sounds interesting, I'd be willing to give it a shot.
@Henri: I'm always up for a challenge. Perhaps you could suggest a smaller
subset of the problem that would be more feasible to attempt in 2-3 months?
Perhaps a few effects rather than any significant chunk of them? Also, what
are you looking for in a proposal?

Here's the wiki for the problem I mentioned in my first post: . What's the current status on this
proposal? It sounds like a fairly major problem.

@Tony: I'm not sure I followed the subsequent discussion. Has your work been
incorporated into wine-git yet, or is that still pending?

Thanks again guys. And as before, all suggestions are appreciated!

Arjun Comar, Rose-Hulman '12
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