WINEDLLPATH and /usr/lib/wine

Michael Ost most at
Wed Jan 27 13:50:30 CST 2010

Alexandre Julliard wrote:
> Michael Ost <most at> writes:
> The first step would probably be to explain why you need to have an app
> with the same name as an existing builtin.

Right, ok.

I'm not replacing a builtin. I install in /usr/lib/wine so 
all users from any .wine directory can launch it with a script that 
contains 'exec wine APP.exe'. I'm mimicking how, say, regedit works.

During development I want to run a development-local in place 
of the version installed in /usr/lib/wine. 'WINEDLLPATH=/DEVDIR wine 
APP.exe' was my solution.

The solution of using a hardcoded path doesn't work for me because (a) 
my development directory is not accessible through a wine drive so wine 
can't find and (b) we have code that uses 'pidof APP.exe' to 
find APP's pid, so if it were named it would not be found.

Granted there are other solutions to these issues. But using WINEDLLPATH 
is an elegant one. Unfortunately WINEDLLPATH does not work as I expected 
it to, based on experience with other similar Linux features (like ld) 
and reading the wine man page.

Thanks... mo

PS: Did you know that currently the search path is (mysteriously) 
/usr/lib/wine:WINEDLLPATH:/usr/lib/wine? That doesn't look intentional 
to me...

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